Published: Wednesday, 19 July 2017



H. Meglouli .

Influence of automation introduction to power distribution systems on their reliability.

Leila Aliouane1, Sid-Ali Ouadfeul 2.

Random noise attenuation from GPR data using the Radial Basis Function neural network .

Khaled Benyounes1 , Abderrahmane Mellak 1, Mohamed Kerrouche 2.

Simulation study of hydraulic fracturing in carbonate oil reservoir by using KGD model .

Bekraoui Amina 1,Hadjadj Ahmed 2

An overview of thermal mass flowmeters applicability in oil and gas industry. 

N. Azril 1, M.Gareche 1, L.Saoudi1, N.Zeraibi 1 ,A. Allal 2

Effect of Temperature on the rheological properties of bentonite-water suspensions . 

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